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Friday, March 29, 2013

The National Association of Workers' Compensation Judiciary College

Founded approximately 5 years ago, The National Association of Workers' Compensation Judiciary (NAWCJ) (, is an outstanding organization that every adjudicator of compensation claims should join. NAWCJ provides support and guidance in both procedural and substantive issues that members of the compensation judiciary faced with on a daily basis.

In a recent blog post, David Langham, the Deputy Chief Judge of Compensation Claims for
the Florida Office of Judges of Compensation Claims and Division of Administrative Hearings, commented,"...the job of a workers' compensation adjudicator is unique and challenging. " Judge Langham, an avid blogger, reflects that NAWCJ fills the void in educating adjudicators with stellar resources, including: ongoing seminars, newsletters, conferences and an annual educational seminar.

I have had the opportunity of meeting some of the members of NAWCJ at The College of Workers' Compensation Lawyers and the annual American Bar Association Workers' Compensation programs. Their passion for workers' compensation is glowing, their knowledge of the subject matter is very impressive, and their dedication to advance and elevate the compensation bench and bar to a high level of achievement is amazing.

Disclaimer:  My comments are based upon an independent academic interest in workers' compensation matters. I have no pecuniary interest in the NAWCJ, and I do not appear before any adjudicator affiliated with the NAWCJ.