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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Fashion Safety: Charges of Child Labor Confront Walmart and The GAP

Child labor infractions and workplace safety conditions in Bangladesh have been raised against Walmart and The GAP by Al Jazeera America in a report aired in its initial week of broadcasting.

Children as young as 12 make clothes with
Old Navy tags in a Dhaka factory with no fire exit or fire extinguishers.
"Fault Lines repeatedly asked for on-camera interviews with representatives of Walmart and Gap, but by our deadline, both companies had denied our requests. Instead, they issued written comments in response to the reporting in our investigative film, "Made in Bangladesh," which examines some of the practices of U.S. retailers in Bangladesh's garment industry. Walmart's comments come in the form of a Q&A we did with a company spokesperson, while Gap issued a statement in response to our findings in Bangladesh that we outlined to them. Both statements are posted in full."