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Friday, August 2, 2013

Asbestos Bankruptcy: Judge denies motion to keep Garlock trial open

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Legal Newsline’s efforts to keep a North Carolina bankruptcy trial open to the public have failed.

Attorneys for Legal Newsline filed a motion Tuesday to keep the entire trial open to the public.

On Wednesday, Hodges denied Legal Newsline’s motion, saying none of the seven orders previously entered in the case relating to confidentiality of documents had been challenged by Legal Newsline or anyone else. Nor did Legal Newsline appear with respect to a motion by Garlock, which Hodges denied, to remove the confidentiality designation from certain documents.

U.S. Bankruptcy Judge George R. Hodges had closed the courtroom to the news media and the public during a portion of a law professor’s testimony last week in the asbestos bankruptcy case filed by Garlock Sealing Technologies.

Hodges did not assert that any of those orders or that motion concerned closure of a hearing from the public. Last Friday, July 26, was the first time during the trial that the courtroom had been closed. After denying the motion early Wednesday, Hodges went on to close a portion of the trial again later in the day.

The judge’s ruling denying Legal Newsline’s motion stressed that the trial, which will determine the estimated liability of Garlock for current and future asbestos claims, was not a...

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