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Monday, August 26, 2013

Lots of data to process for Calif. lead paint judge

Lead exposure in the workplace continues due to decaying lead based paint in place. The complications of this environmental hazard are serious. Attention is now focussed on the Court's anticipated decision in the Lead Paint Litigation trial flowing from lead paint as a "public nuisance" that needs remediation.  Today's post was shared by Legal Newsline and comes from

Judge Kleinberg
A watershed decision expected before the end of the year may come down to how one individual processes volumes of complex analyses of complex data relating to the use, promotion and manufacture of lead paint in the last century and its impact on children today.

In a case that took six weeks to try after 13 years of litigation, Santa Clara County Superior Court Judge James Kleinberg also will measure the credibility of expert witnesses and their theories in The People of California v. Atlantic Richfield, et al.

Not only do the plaintiffs have to prove that a public nuisance exists in pre-1978 built private residences in the 10 California cities or counties seeking abatement costs of more than $1 billion, they have to prove that paint companies promoted the use of white lead pigments in residential paint during the first half of the last century knowing it would create today’s alleged public nuisance.

That burden of proof is high and cannot be met, according to the defendant companies that produced the legal and in-demand leaded paints in the first part of the last century, Atlantic Richfield Co., The Sherwin Williams Co., DuPont, NL Industries and Con Agra.

They say they never hid any information about risks of lead paint from public health officials, the government or the public. The companies further contend that blood lead levels in California children have declined in recent years and are now close to zero, thanks to...
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