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Friday, November 15, 2013

House Considers Bills to Limit Americans’ Rights

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House Considers Bills to Limit Americans’ Rights

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Home Newsroom AAJ News House Considers Bills to Limit Americans’ Rights

For Immediate Release: November 12, 2013

Contact: Katie Gommel
202-965-3500, ext. 6645

 House Considers Bills to Limit Americans’ Rights

Washington, DC—The following is a statement from America Association for Justice President Burton LeBlanc in response to the passage of H.R. 982 and H.R. 2655 out of the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Rules.

“Corporations should not bully Americans out of their rights to access justice.

“H.R. 982 would violate asbestos victims’ privacy and allow asbestos corporations to delay and deny justice until asbestos victims die.  Asbestos kills over 10,000 Americans every year, and the industry hid the dangers for decades; the last thing this industry needs is a handout from Congress.

“H.R. 2655 is the latest favor to multinational corporations seeking to undermine the rights of American workers and consumers by adding unnecessary burdens and delays to the civil justice system.  At a time when our courts are already suffering from persistent underfunding, Congress should focus efforts on improving access to justice.”

As the world's largest trial bar, the American Association for Justice (formerly known as the Association of Trial Lawyers of America) works to make sure people have a fair chance to receive justice through...

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