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Friday, November 22, 2013

“Scientists Who Help Asbestos Industry Sell Asbestos” by Kathleen Ruff

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Kathleen Ruff

Scientists who help asbestos industry sell asbestosThe asbestos industry has money. But money cannot buy scientific credibility
Kathleen Ruff,, November 21, 2013
The asbestos industry will be holding a conference in New Delhi, India on December 3 & 4 to promote use of asbestos in India. The International Chrysotile Association (ICA), an organisation financed by the asbestos industry and which promotes the industry’s interests, is organizing the conference.
The ICA has now put on its website a list of its speakers and summaries of their pro-asbestos presentations.
The purpose of the conference and of the ICA is to promote continued use of chrysotile asbestos, particularly in India, the biggest importer of asbestos in the world. Scientists and health experts around the world have condemned the asbestos industry and its allies for disseminating deadly, deceptive misinformation that will cause disease and loss of life.
Many of the speakers have been paid by the asbestos industry for years to take part in activities and events to promote use of chrysotile asbestos, particularly in developing countries. They form a small, notorious group of asbestos industry allies.
David Bernstein, for example, has received millions of dollars from asbestos lobby organisations for research on rats which, according to Bernstein, shows that rats positively enjoy being exposed to chrysotile asbestos. A New York court recently concluded...
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