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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Stand Up For Safer Chemicals

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America's chemicals policy is badly broken. Hundreds of toxic chemicals in our sofas, laundry detergents and other household products have been linked to cancer, infertility, autism, and asthma. Thousands more chemicals have never been assessed or required to be tested for safety.
But we have the opportunity to protect ourselves. The bipartisan Chemical Safety Improvement Act offers a path toward critically needed reforms.
Take Action: Ask your Members of Congress to support improving and moving the Chemical Safety Improvement Act.
Dear Congress,
I am writing today to urge you to help improve and move the Chemical Safety Improvement Act.
Because of deficiencies in the 37-year-old Toxic Substances Control Act, the vast majority of the tens of thousands chemicals in use in the United States today have never been tested for their toxicity to humans or the environment. I am deeply concerned about potential impacts of chemicals on my health and the health of my family, but under the current system, adequate chemical safety information is not available to regulatory agencies or consumers. We need reform now.
The bipartisan Chemical Safety Improvement Act is a remarkable opportunity to fix our broken law. The bill would give the Environmental Protection Agency critical tools it needs to address the risks chemicals pose to health. For instance, the bill would require, for the first time, that the safety of all chemicals in active commerce be...
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