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Friday, November 15, 2013

What “Lies” Beneath the Wall Street Journal Asbestos Article, Myths and Facts Exposed

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On March 11, 2013, the Wall Street Journal published an article that fits neatly in the play book of Big Asbestos’ campaign to avoid compensating the asbestos victims they deliberately harmed by vilifying the victims and accusing them and their families of “fraud.”  The goal of this campaign, led by asbestos corporations, their insurers and their front groups, is to delay and deny until asbestos victims die.  

Rather than focusing on these victims and their families who have been devastated by asbestos disease, the WSJ article perpetuates the same deceptive and inaccurate claims about the asbestos trusts that Big Asbestos has been campaigning on for years.  At no point does the article claim to have actual evidence of widespread fraud; instead, the article relies on unnamed, unidentified “politicians, judges and defense lawyers” that claim that the “opportunity for abuse flourishes.”  What the WSJ's data analysis does show that the trusts have a very low anomaly rate and are operating efficiently, especially for such a massive system. 

These unfounded accusations are used by Big Asbestos to push legislation at the state and federal levels that would add significant time and costs to the justice process for victims.  The following are some of the most deceptive claims in the article: 

Myth: There are too many asbestos lawsuits and claims.  

Fact: There are many asbestos lawsuits and claims because...

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