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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Calif. judge wants paint companies to cover cost of lead removal

Lead paint has been deemed a "public nuisance" and a Judge in California has directed several former lead paint companies to pay $1.1 Billion dollars to remove the lead. Lead has long known to be a toxic substance and has been banned in the US. Workers, children and the general public are at the risk of becoming ill to lead paint  still in place in older dwellings and buildings. Toady post is shared from and the CBS Evening News.

A California judge ruled that three major paint companies should be held responsible for creating a "public nuisance" by selling lead paint prior to it being banned in 1978. The $1.1 billion fine levied against Sherwin-Williams, ConAgra and NL Industries will be used to help remove the paint from an estimated 4.7 million California homes. Ben Tracy reports.