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Thursday, April 17, 2014

McDonald’s Canada: A Guest Worker Program Under Scrutiny

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The country’s Temporary Foreign Worker Program, as it is officially known, allows employers to hire foreign workers where there is a “” to do the job. But Canada’s guest worker system is under the microscope over its recruitment of foreign workers for low-skilled jobs, such as bagging burgers or cleaning hotel rooms, even as youth unemployment in Canada stands at almost 14 percent. Employers claim there simply aren’t enough Canadians to do these jobs.

“We have launched a comprehensive review of all corporate and franchise-operated restaurants across the country to ensure our operations are fully aligned with the requirements of the Temporary Foreign Worker Program and consistent with our McDonald’s Values,” McDonald’s Canada said Monday. “The Temporary Foreign Worker Program was created to help employers resolve staffing issues, and it provides important support for businesses when used as intended.”

The government recently launched an investigation into the hiring practices of both corporate-owned and franchise-operated McDonald’s outlets after employees of two separately owned franchises complained earlier this month that locals were being pushed out in favor of short-term, foreign guest workers. The local Canadian workers claimed the guest workers received more hours than they did, and that their hours and pay were cut as a result.

Christian Morrow, a 54-year-old assistant...

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