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Saturday, June 28, 2014

Does font matter in workers' compensation court?

Curiously most workers' compensation court do not seem to set font or style requirements for pleadings. In some jurisdictions certain pleading may have rigid agency font requirements that automatically are imposed when the information is inputted into the computerized agency system. In other jurisdictions, and for general correspondence anything goes.

Does it make a difference is the question? Is is merely branding or is it a psychological tactic. Is recognition of the style so certain that hearing officials and other readers are conditioned to a certain response or argument by just glancing at the document? Many Federal courts level the playing field to universally mandated formats.

Ultimately it is recommended that your legal writing should look professional:

"The trick is to choose a font that looks clean and professional. It might not look the same as all those thousands of other court filings that the judges are expecting to look a certain way. But that’s probably not a bad thing. - See more at: