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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

New York's Acupuncture Experiment

As a young lawyer I was in Compensation Court once when my father, a seasoned workers' compensation attorney, obtained an Order for his client to receive a course of treatment at the "Turkish Baths." Today's post was shared by WorkCompCentral and comes from

My dad was a pioneering dentist in California while I was growing up.

He was the first in the state to have any automation in his dental office, with a computer system that cost thousands of dollars more than the top of the line systems offered today, with about one-one hundredth of the computing power...

I recall when I was a young lawyer practicing work comp law and was confronted with the first of what became a short lived trend of temporomandibular joint disorder cases. I asked my dad about the "disease" because I had to depose a physician about it for the first time, and in typical Dad fashion, when I tried to get some meaningful insight into the theory of the disorder he just replied, "It's bulls*#t."

And that was it - no further explanation given by Dad. (And now those of you who know me can understand where my abbreviated sense of conclusory commentary comes from.)

He always sought to broaden the scope of his practice to make sure he could offer his patients as much service as possible.

Dad's practice was one of the first in the state to offer nitrous oxide for low grade anesthesia and his partner, my then brother-in-law, was the first in the state to be certified to dispense NO2 and taught and certified many dentists over the years.

In his pioneering spirit my dad also tried acupuncture for dental anesthesia. He spent months studying the Eastern medicine discipline, brought home all sorts of dolls with dots and lines signifying the path of chi and...

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