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Sunday, July 20, 2014

CCWC at Disneyland


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I’ve been attending the 2014 California Coalition on Workers’ Compensation annual conference at Disneyland, which wrapped up yesterday.
On Wednesday the conference kicked off with a blogger’s panel featuring myself, insurance consultant and blogger Peter Rousmaniere, publisher David DePaolo, and publisher Bob Wilson.  Mark Walls of Safety National Insurance moderated a lively discussion that got into some “out of the box” discussions about the direction of workers’ comp; in a coming post I’ll reprise some of the thoughts from the panel and offer some further insights.
CCWC is a major player on the California workers’ comp scene. Many of California’s big employers are members. I’m talking companies like Safeway, Walt Disney and UPS. CCWC is one of several prominent employer advocates in Sacramento along with the Cal Chamber and groups like WCAN (Workers Compensation Action Network).
Members of CCWC were pivotal in drafting and pushing through the 2012 SB 863 California comp reforms. Key board members clearly have the ear of Brown Administration policymakers. And the Sacramento lobbyists used by CCWC, Paul Yoder and Jason Schmelzer, are a talented bunch.
In short, the conference attracts many of the key employer and insurer players in California workers’ comp.
Here are some of the more interesting things I heard and some of my random impressions from the...
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