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Monday, August 11, 2014

These Two Desks Could Help You Live Longer

These Two Desks Could Help You Live Longer
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Have you heard the latest bad news? Sitting is the new smoking.
According to one study, every workday you spend sitting costs you 2.5 hours off your lifespan. Sit six hours a day, and you’ll die 4.8 years sooner. It’s true even if you exercise regularly; this article explains why.
Sitting also makes you fat, reduces bone density, contributes to heart disease, and makes you less productive. Great.
These statistics are heaven-sent for the makers of standing desks — tall desks where you work standing — and sit/stand desks, which move up and down so you can split your time between sitting and standing. That’s supposed to be the healthiest arrangement of all.
Unfortunately, first-generation hand-cranked sit/stand desks are the modern equivalent of treadmills: health equipment you buy with the best of intentions but wind up not using (except to drape clothing on).
Ironically, the lazy person’s powered sit/stand desk, which goes up and down at the touch of a button, is much more likely to be used and therefore to yield better health results.
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