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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

GM halts Corvette delivery for brakes, air bags

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GM halted delivery of the 2015 Corvette until it can find and fix potential problems with parking brakes and air bags. No recall was immediately announced.(Photo: Chevrolet)
General Motors slammed the brakes on a month's worth of Chevrolet's high-power Corvette halo car to prevent any faulty air bags or improperly installed parking brakes from getting into customers' hands.
About 800 2015 Corvettes — most of them at dealerships, GM says — are on hold because they may have been built with only one of the rear parking brake cables installed properly.
Another 2,000 2015 Corvettes at dealers could have a faulty part that attaches the air bag to the steering wheel hub.
GM halted shipments of additional 2015 Corvettes from their Bowling Green, Ky., factory to prevent any more potentially defective cars from getting into the sales network.
The two actions — a stop-delivery order to dealers and a stop-ship order to the factory — aren't recalls. In fact, they are the actions automakers take to try to prevent recalls by trying to catch the problem cars before they are sold.
GM said on Friday that it "has not publicly issued a recall on the 2015 Corvette."
But such "stop" orders often don't catch all the vehicles, and a recall follows anyway.
The move comes at an especially sensitive time for GM for several reasons:
•It can't afford to tarry resolving safety issues. Federal regulators have GM under a microscope after it was fined for failing to...
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