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Saturday, September 20, 2014

Part 1: Asbestos at VA Medical Center

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Part 1: Asbestos at VA Medical Center story image
Part 1: Asbestos at VA Medical Center story image

A News 13 investigation sparks a federal investigation into hazardous asbestos at Asheville's V-A Medical Center. We found the hospital's main building has been housing tons of damaged asbestos for decades. Investigative Reporter Mike Mason has this special report on these "Hidden Hazards.”
V-A workers say they now fear for their safety and that of thousands of vets who rely on the center for medical services.  Last year, a complaint was filed with federal OSHA officials, claiming workers and patients were being exposed to asbestos.  OSHA soon closed out the case based on information provided by the V-A's Medical Director. But our investigation found the situation was much more serious and now OSHA is investigating this case once again.
For most people, controlling a model plane is a lot easier than flying a real one. But Rick Bryson says he prefers piloting much bigger aircraft, "I worked for the department of the Air Force in Tampa, Florida." Bryson's a pilot and Vietnam Vet. His military career began in 1967. That was the same year the V-A built this hospital on Tunnel Road in Asheville, known as the Charles George V-A Medical Center. It provides offices for V-A employees and critical medical services for thousands of local vets. But some say a section of the building itself may be posing some serious health problems. Bryson recalls the conditions in the building’s sub-basement,...
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