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Thursday, September 25, 2014

The Domino Effect of Treatment Denials

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When UR denies medical treatment, the real world consequences are many!

Join us on September 20, 2014 for a practical examination of the "dominoes" that fall when an injured worker can't get the treatment they need. Specific practice tips and practical solutions will be offered by a superb panel of attorneys that are managing UR denials on a daily basis.

  • Can a worker be MMI if needed treatment is denied?
  • Does a Refusal to Authorize Treatment increase Permanent Disability?
  • Tolling the 104 TTD Cap during illegal treatment delay?
  • Return to work issues raised by Denial of Treatment
  • Obtaining an Accurate MSA in the face of Treatment Denials
  • Quality of Evidence Supporting Treatment Requests
  • Invalid UR and Insurance Bad Faith
  • Medical Board Jurisdiction over UR Reviewers
  • Invalid UR and Loss of Medical Control

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