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Sunday, October 26, 2014

ACLU demands Christie give legal reason for quarantining nurse who's tested negative for Ebola

Public health concerns raised over the fear of the spread of Ebola has caused at least three states: NJ, NY and IL, to institute a mandatory quarantine of potentially exposed workers. Today's post is shared

TRENTON — The American Civil Liberties Union is demanding that Gov. Chris Christie provide more information to the public about how the state came to the conclusion that mandatory quarantine of healthcare workers was medically necessary, saying it has “serious constitutional concerns about the state abusing its powers.”
The civil liberties group’s demand came after a nurse who had been under quarantine after arriving at Newark International Airport on Friday tested negative for Ebola on Saturday. Currently, the nurse, Kaci Hickox, remains in New Jersey state custody over her objections, published in the Dallas Morning News and the objections of the international aid organization, Doctors Without Borders, for whom she’d worked in Sierra Leone.
“Ebola is a public health issue and the government’s response should be driven by science and facts and not by fear. We must treat our medical workers who put...
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