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Monday, December 8, 2014

Data Collection: How WIll The Cyber Collection Vacuum Impact Investigations

Data collection without adequate controls and verification is becoming a major issue. Employers and insurance companies rely upon such data to defend work related events and accidents in determining the conduct of employees. The government utilizes t in defense of national security. See the newly released movie Citizen Four. Now comes private companies such as Uber that tests the limits in collection. Today's post is shared from the

UBER, the popular car-service app that allows you to hail a cab from your smartphone, shows your assigned car as a moving dot on a map as it makes its way toward you. It’s reassuring, especially as you wait on a rainy street corner.
Less reassuring, though, was the apparent threat from a senior vice president of Uber to spend “a million dollars” looking into the personal lives of journalists who wrote critically about Uber. The problem wasn’t just that a representative of a powerful corporation was contemplating opposition research on reporters; the problem was that Uber already had sensitive data on journalists who used it for rides.
Buzzfeed reported that one of Uber’s executives had already looked up without permission rides taken by one of its own journalists. And according to The Washington Post, the company was so lax about such sensitive data that it even allowed a job applicant to view people’s rides, including those of a family member of a prominent politician. (The app is popular...
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