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Thursday, December 25, 2014

Will leadership shakeup help Takata tackle airbag safety concerns?

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GWEN IFILL: It’s been a record year for auto recalls, with disturbing stories about deaths, injuries and warning signs that were either missed or ignored by manufacturers and the government.
One of the biggest recalls of the year involved air bags in more than 24 million vehicles from a dozen automakers. But the manufacturer of the air bags, Takata Corporation, has resisted calls to do more.
And, today, its president stepped down.
Hari Sreenivasan picks up the story from there.
HARI SREENIVASAN: Today’s change is the biggest move inside Takata since the troubles became well known.
Stefan Stocker, the company’s first non-Japanese president, will be replaced by the company’s chairman and CEO, Shigehisa Takada. He’s the grandson of the company’s founder. But does the move help Takata deal with much bigger concerns over safety and get out from the cloud that has hung over the business since the reports began?
David Shepardson of The Detroit News has been covering this story, joins me from Grand Rapids, Michigan.
So why did they finally make this move?
DAVID SHEPARDSON, The Detroit News: Well, I think this is clearly another indication of Mr. Takada and the family exerting more control over the company’s operations.
As you said, Mr. Stocker was the first non-Japanese president of the company. And over the last 10 months, as the company has seen tens of millions of vehicles recalled around the globe, it’s raised the...
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