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Thursday, February 12, 2015

NJ Workers' Compensation Director to Retire: Judge Russell Wojtenko Successor

Peter J. Calderone,
Director & Chief Judge of
NJ Division of Workers' Compensation
NJ Workers Compensation Director & Chief Judge Peter Calderone announced that he will retire March 1, 2015. It was also announced that NJ Labor Commissioner Wirths will appoint Judge Russell Wojtenko as the new Director & Chief Judge of the NJ Division of Workers' Compensation.

Under the leadership of Judge Calderone the NJ Division of Workers' Compensation vastly expanded the electronic docket and filing system. The process increased greater transparency of the docket system and achieved greater efficiency.

Faced with many critical issues during his tenure, Judge Calderone implemented a Task Force approach to seek a consensus of stakeholders.  The approach achieved balanced and fair administrative and judicial resolution of those issues under his leadership.

Judge Calderone distributed the following announcement:

"As you may be aware, I plan to retire on March 1, 2015. I believe it is the right time for me and the Division of Workers’ Compensation. With an excellent corps of judges, administrators and court personnel along with the support of our Commissioner, the workers’ compensation attorneys, business groups, labor organizations, CRIB, our Advisory Council and others, we have accomplished our objective of developing and maintaining a successful and superior workers’ compensation system. While we should continue to upgrade our technology and other programs, we have been fortunate to have developed, among other improvements, a remarkable case management operation, an extensive website and updated court rules and policies to assist our staff and case parties. Our goal has been to provide the tools to make everyone successful and by doing that make the workers’ compensation system successful for the citizens of this State. On a personal note, after over 39 years of State service, being in good health, with a wonderful family and earned State employee benefits, I look forward to a reduced pace and my next phase.

"I am also pleased that Commissioner Wirths has selected Supervising Judge Russell Wojtenko as Director and Chief Judge upon my retirement. Judge Wojtenko is a dedicated jurist and outstanding Supervising Judge. The Division will be well served under his leadership.