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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Walker Says He'll Sign Right-to-Work

Wisconsin Gvernor Scott Walker continue to battle workers' rights as the 2016 Presidential campaign cycle draws closer.Today's post was shared by Steven Greenhouse and comes from

The controversial measure will incense unions and could bolster Walker's profile among Republicans as he weighs a 2016 presidential bid.

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker said this week that he will sign right-to-work legislation if it gets to his desk.

In a statement issued Friday, Walker press secretary Laurel Patrick said: "Governor Walker continues to focus on budget priorities to grow our economy and to streamline state government. With that said, Governor Walker co-sponsored right-to-work legislation as a lawmaker and supports the policy. If this bill makes it to his desk, Governor Walker will sign it into law."

Wisconsin Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald, a Republican, also said in a radio interview Friday that he is "confident" Walker will sign a right-to-work bill if it gets to his desk.

In an interview with WTMJ-FM Friday morning, Fitzgerald said: "Behind the scenes, the governor has been supportive of the idea that, 'Listen, if you guys really think you can get this through in a form that accomplishes what we probably want to do with right-to-work, then you know I'll sign it.'"

Fitzgerald said a finalized version of the bill will be out Friday afternoon, and Republican legislative leaders expect to see it passed by the upper chamber by next Thursday at the latest, at which point it will move to the state Assembly, where Speaker Robin Voss has already expressed his support. Republicans...

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