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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Patients with workers' compensation have inferior outcomes after hip arthroscopy

Patients with worker’s compensation claims had inferior functional outcomes after hip arthroscopy compared with a non-workers’ compensation group, according to study findings.

Over a 2-year period, researchers compared the outcomes of 26 patients with workers’ compensation claims who underwent hip arthroscopy with those of 30 patients who did not have a workers’ compensation claim. All of the patients had at least 6 months’ worth of follow-up data available.

The researchers used the Hip Outcome Score and the modified Harris Hip Score to assess patients’ postoperative functional outcomes.

Wilcoxon test results showed patients in the workers’ compensation group had a significantly lower Hip Outcome Score than the non-workers’ compensation group (66.5 vs. 89.4). However, the between-group difference for modified Harris Hip Score was not considered significant (72.5 vs. 75.6), according to the researchers.

Patients in the workers’ compensation group had an average time between injury to surgery of 11 months, and four patients required additional surgery. One complication, deep venous thrombosis, was diagnosed in the workers’ compensation group at 1 week postoperatively, but this was treated with oral anticoagulation. The non-workers’ compensation group required no additional surgery, nor were any complications reported.

At the most recent follow-up, 15 patients in the workers’ compensation group were able to go...

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