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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

A More Efficient Process

The NJ Appellate Court reversed a Compensation Judge's dismissal of an employee's claim petition citing, delay in adjudication, and an inadequate record at the trial record.

The reviewing court in an opinion reversing the trial judge and reinstating the case wrote that the motion had lingered for too many years, ie. 4 years, the record below on the motion was vague and incomplete, and the legislative intent for an efficient and liberally construed process was not met.

The Appellate Division cited a 30 year old decision declaring the need for a more efficient process to adjudicate workers' compensation claims.

Roderick v. Taxi & Limousine Three, LLC
Not Reported in A.3d, 2015 WL 1859321 (N.J.Super.A.D. 2015)