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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

OSHA: NJ Fragrance Manufacturer Fined for Exposing Workers

Ambrosia Fragrance LLC fined more than $67K for federal workplace violations
Employer name: Ambrosia Fragrance LLC, 7 Turner Place, Piscataway, New Jersey.
Citations issued: On Sept. 30, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration cited the company for 19 serious violations.
Investigation findings: OSHA inspectors cited the company for lack of procedures and training related to preventing equipment from starting up during service and maintenance, a procedure known as lockout/tagout*. Citations were also issued for fire hazards and obstructed exits.
Proposed penalties: $67,200
Quote: "Machines that start up suddenly can seriously injure workers, or even kill them," said Patricia Jones, director of OSHA's Avenel Area Office. "These dangers are preventable, and the solution starts with training and implementing safe processes. Fixing these hazards isn't just the law - it's a vital step toward protecting workers' lives and limbs, and it's a step that Ambrosia Fragrance needs to take."