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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

College of Workers’ Compensation Lawyers - Class of 2016

The following distinguished lawyers who were elected as
Fellows of the College of Workers’ Compensation Lawyers in the Class of 2016

James C. Arnold, Idaho Falls, ID
Robert F. Balkenbush, Las Vegas, NV
Karlan J. Bender, Adrian, MI
Eric P. Bernard, Manchester, NH
Bradley R. Bolinger, Chambersburg, PA
John R. Boyd, Independence, MO
Daniel K. Bricmont, Pittsburgh, PA
Frank A. Bruno, New Orleans, LA
Bobby G. Burke, Oklahoma City, OK
Gerald F. Cooper, Jr., Chicago, IL
Leto Copeley, Durham, NC
Alex C. Dell, Albany, NY
Jason M. Dodge, Rocky Hill, CT
Deborah Dubik, Davenport, IA
Professor Michael C. Duff, Laramie, WY
Bradford S. Eidam, Boise, ID
Daniel J. Falge, North Syracuse, NY
Frank A. Flynn, Lafayette, LA
Alan S. Gorosh, Dearborn, MI
Walter E. Harding, Louisville, KY
Bonnie J. Hoskins, Lexington, KY
The Hon. Catherine Watson Koziol, Boston, MA
Chairman Frank R. McKay, Atlanta, GA
Commissioner Karen H. McKinney, Little Rock, AR
The Hon. Bruce Moore, Salina, KS
The Hon. Sharon McCauley Morrow, Lafayette, LA
Thomas J. Murphy, Great Falls, MT
William Roy “Trey” Mustian III, Metairie, LA
Commissioner R. Ferrell Newman, Richmond, VA
Lynn Blasingame Olmert, Atlanta, GA
R. Briggs Peery, Atlanta, GA
G. Davis Peterson, Jackson, MS
Stephen T. Potako, Philadelphia, PA
Nicholas G. Pothitakis, Burlington, IA
Troy G. Rosasco, Ronkonkoma, NY
Richard B. Rubenstein, Livingston, NJ
The Hon. Dennis R. Ruth, Edwardsville, IL
Michael D. Sanders, Lansing, MI
Steven M. Scotti, New York, NY
Samuel A. Scudder, Morehead City, NC
The Hon. Todd B. Seeling, Philadelphia, PA
Catherine Tanaka Surbeck, Philadelphia, PA
Robert L. Swisher, Frankfort, KY
The Hon. Kenneth M. Switzer, Nashville, TN
Eddie H. Walker, Jr., Fort Smith, AR
Alex B. Wallach, Forest Park, GA

The following distinguished individuals, who were elected Fellows last year
but unable to attend the dinner, will be inducted with the Class of 2016:

Julie Ann Fortune, Charlotte, NC
Niki T. Ingram, Philadelphia, PA
Jerry M. Lehocky, Philadelphia, PA
Marc G. Marcus, Sacramento, CA
Kim Starr, Fort Collins, CO

The College of Workers' Compensation Lawyers has been established to honor those attorneys who have distinguished themselves in their practice in the field of workers' compensation. Members have been nominated for the outstanding traits they have developed in their practice of twenty years, or longer, representing plaintiffs, defendants, serving as judges, or acting for the benefit of all in education, overseeing agencies and developing legislation.