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Friday, November 13, 2020

Strategies to Prevent COVID Clusters and Spreaders

This week’s episode of the Veterans Administration  Podcast “COVID in 20” focuses on important strategies to prevent workplace COVID clusters and super-spreaders. The experts were questioned by Dr. Chad Kessler, National Program Director for VHA [Veterans Health Administration] Emergency Medicine.

Joseph Francis, MD, Chief Improvement & Analytics Officer, VHA, stated that precautions must be taken this holiday season. Dr. Francis discussed that since 80% of coronavirus cases are transmitted by 10% of infected patients, it is crucial to know how to contain the retransmission rate. He cautioned that risks should be avoid as the coronavirus is “like a casino when the house always wins.”

Michael A. Gelman, MD/PhD, an infection disease physician at Bronx Veterans Administration Hospital, discussed healthcare workplaces and referred to the contagion of the renown Typhoid Mary, an asymptomatic carrier, who in the early 1900’s worked as a cook in a hospital and alone infected 53 patients with Typhoid Fever. 

In addition to avoiding crowded and closed workplaces for long periods of time the concept of “fractal compartmentalization” was discussed. It is a theory to be cautious in rotating health care staff staff, including nursing facilities, to prevention contagion.

Click here to listen to the podcast Episode 65: COVID in 20 - 20 11 12 20 - COVID Clusters and Spreaders

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