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Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Temporary Workers Bill of Rights Act Signed into Law by Governor Pat Murphy.

The New Jersey State Senate concurred with Governor Pat Murphy's recommendations in his conditional veto of the temporary workers’ bill of rights bill. A1474 The revised legislation was passed by the Senate on Thursday. It was signed into law on Monday by Governor Murphy for his signature.

This new law will have a profound impact on the lives of temporary workers in New Jersey by providing them with basic rights and protections that have been lacking in the past.

Before the passage of this bill, temporary workers in New Jersey were often vulnerable to exploitation and mistreatment in the workplace. They often worked in hazardous conditions, were paid less than minimum wage, and were subjected to discrimination and harassment. The lack of protections for temporary workers in New Jersey was a serious issue, as temporary workers make up a significant portion of the state's workforce.

The NJ Temporary Worker Bill of Rights is a much-needed step toward rectifying this situation. The law provides temporary workers with the right to a safe and healthy work environment, the right to be free from discrimination and harassment, the right to fair pay and benefits, the right to receive clear and accurate information about the job and work conditions, the right to the timely payment of wages, and the right to file a complaint or seek legal action if their rights are violated.

This bill sends a strong message to employers that the mistreatment of workers will not be tolerated in New Jersey. It also sends a message to temporary workers that their contributions to the state's economy are valued and that they have the right to fair treatment in the workplace.

The NJ Temporary Worker Bill of Rights is a monumental achievement for workers' rights in New Jersey. It provides temporary workers with the basic protections and rights that they deserve and ensures that they are treated with dignity and respect in the workplace.

The legislation will strengthen notice requirements provided to workers concerning workers’ compensation coverage. It also requires registration and proof of workers’ compensation insurance coverage for temporary health service firms.

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