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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

High Court in Japan Holds Government Negligent for Asbestos

For the first time ever, a Court has held a government liable for the negligent use of asbestos. Today's post is shared from Koyoto News and from Laurie Kazan-Allen 
The Osaka High Court on Wednesday became Japan's first high court to hold the government responsible for failing to prevent workers from being exposed to harmful asbestos.
In a suit seeking 700 million yen in damages filed by 58 plaintiffs including former asbestos spinning mill workers in southern Osaka Prefecture, the court also awarded more in damages than the Osaka District Court had in an earlier ruling.
The Osaka High Court ordered the government to pay 340 million yen in damages, nearly twice the 180 million yen awarded by the district court in March 2012.
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