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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Now Available: New 2008 Supplement for Gelman on Workers' Compensation Law 3rd Ed.

Thomson/West has published the 2008 supplement to Workers' Compensation Law 3rd ed., (Vols. 38 - 39A, New Jersey Practice Series) authored by Jon L. Gelman.


• These pocket parts provide information concerning the Asbestos Fund, which has been established for those entities where workers' compensation coverage cannot be established. The newly designed forms that need to be utilized in filing for benefits are included. Also, the newly designed Motion for Temporary and Medical Benefits, including the required certification, is provided and discussed.

• The newly revised Judgments for Total and Permanent Disability are included. The Judgments include new refinements in offsets for pensions and Social Security disability benefits.

• The recently promulgated administrative rules governing the disposition of Temporary Disability Benefits are discussed. The nonduplication of benefits provisions are reviewed including the multiple agency adjudication process.

• Collateral medical benefit issues are discussed in light of the recent Supreme Court decision concerning this matter, including a Motion to Join the Collateral Health Carrier and sample Certifications to be used in support of the application.

• Additionally, these pocket parts provide information concerning thenew rules of the Division of Workers' Compensation embodying electronic filing requirements and new procedures involving both formal and informal proceedings, motion practice, post judgment process, and judicial performance. The expanded Medicare secondary reporting requirements and the mandatory coordination of benefits are reviewed in this supplement. The recovery aspects of Medicare conditional payments as well as future medical provisions are updatedand discussed. The new Child Support Lien distribution forms, computation worksheets and judgments are provided and explained in depth.

• This pocket part also discusses recent changes in the application for counsel fees. The supplement includes the newly promulgated administrative directive embodying those changes

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The volume is also available on Westlaw and in CD-Rom format.

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