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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Temporary Benefits Due During Period of Unrelated Medical Condition

An asthma flare up, that delayed surgery for a compensable back injury, was not a reason to halt the payment of workers' compensation temporary disability payment. The Court held:

"....when treatment for the original work related injury is delayed due to unrelated
conditions, the claimant was entitled to continued disability benefits during the entire period."

"The compensation judge correctly ordered continued temporary disability benefits from November 9, 2006 through February 17, 2007, "the period of time when [Schock] was unable to proceed with an authorized anterior fusion at C5-6 and C7 because of asthma flare-ups unrelated to the work accident." Schock did not refuse treatment, there is no evidence that she was able to return to work or that she was at maximum medical improvement during the brief delay in her neck surgery. Her  asthma condition was temporary and beyond her or her doctor's control."