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Saturday, January 22, 2011

California Applicants' Attorneys Association Affiliates With Labor

Teamsters and Workers’ Compensation Attorneys Affiliate To Strengthen Political Action Team

SACRAMENTO, CA - The International Brotherhood of Teamsters (IBT), AFLCIO, and the California Applicants’ Attorneys Association (CAAA) today announced a new Affiliation Agreement. CAAA has affiliated with the IBT’s Joint Councils No. 7 and 42, and its California Teamsters Public Affairs Council. The two organizations have agreed to coordinate their activities and pursue mutual interests relating to policy and politics.

“The Affiliation Agreement between the Teamsters and the California Applicants’ Attorneys Association helps both improve our abilities to meet the needs of our respective memberships,” said Randy Cammack, International Vice President of the IBT and Co-Chair of the California Teamsters Public Affairs Council. “The Teamsters will benefit from CAAA’s expertise in advising us on workers’ compensation policy and workplace safety issues. CAAA will benefit from our presence throughout the state at the local level, and our expertise in working for improved public policy relating to working people,” added Rome Aloise, IBT Vice President and the other Co-Chair of the California Teamsters Public Affairs Council.

“Our members represent tens of thousands of working Californians, and we have always worked closely with organized labor on behalf of those injured on the job. Our Affiliation with the Teamsters will provide our members and their clients with an even more powerful voice on their behalf,” said Barry Hinden, president of CAAA. “This Affiliation will harness the power of our two organizations to focus
on state and federal issues that jointly affect our members, including legislation, public policy and political action.”

“Our organization of professionals will remain autonomous and self-governing,” said Hinden. “We are excited to join with others who share our goals and objectives and look forward to an even closer relationship with all of organized labor. This is an opportunity to become even stronger advocates for Californians injured on the job.”

Cammack, Aloise, and Hinden said the partnership between CAAA and the IBT is part of an effort by both organizations to build bridges and form new alliances. The Teamsters, for example, have organized or affiliated airline pilots and other whitecollar professionals. CAAA has embarked on a new initiative to build bridges to like-minded organizations in organized labor, and the civil rights and consumer advocacy communities.

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