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Monday, November 25, 2013

Parsippany NJ settles $54,000 workers' comp dispute with ex-construction official

Sick Leave Benefits were the subject of a $54,000 settlement where the employee received temporary disability benefits and a NJ municipality attempted to dock the employee of benefits. Today's post is shared from The Star Ledger

The township has agreed to pay its former construction official $54,063 to settle a workers' compensation dispute that surrounded sick days that were docked from his accrual bank.

"Authorities have reached a settlement agreement and release with Edward J. Corcoran, retired construction official," Councilman Paul Carifi Jr. said at the Nov. 12 council meeting.

 "He received workman's compensation, and at times he was unable to return to work. From Feb. 27 to May 31, sick-day payments were docked from his sick day accrual bank. He disputes the docking from his sick day bank. While not admitting any liability or fault, the township and Corcoran have engaged in a settlement."

Corcoran had been employed as the township's construction official since July 21, 1994, according to the Nov. 13 settlement agreement.. On Jan. 23, he was injured in a work-related incident and unable to return to work, and began receiving workers' compensation temporary disability payments, the settlement said.

On Jan. 29, Corcoran was evaluated at Concentra Urgent Care, and on Feb. 1, Concentra determined he reached maximum medical improvement — meaning treatment would no longer improve his medical condition, and benefits would be terminated.
On Feb. 26,...
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