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Friday, December 13, 2013

Petition Aims to Build First Federally Funded Mesothelioma Program

Helping asbestos victims may become a Federal effort. Today's post was shared by Linda Reinstein and comes from

As the youngest person to become chief of Naval Operations, Admiral Elmo Zumwalt played a major role in U.S. military history -- a war hero whose service spanned World War II, Korea and Vietnam.
It's only appropriate that the Mesothelioma Center for Excellence at the VA West Los Angeles Medical Center is adopting his name.
Zumwalt died from pleural mesothelioma cancer almost 14 years ago, an ending that far too many veterans have suffered, stemming from the once-extensive use of asbestos in the armed forces.
His life was dedicated to those who bravely served their country. Now his memory will be, too.
If the efforts to become the first federally funded mesothelioma program are successful, the Elmo Zumwalt Treatment & Research Center in Los Angeles is expected to blossom and become a premier destination for veterans battling this disease.
"These (veterans) are our heroes. They've given so much of themselves. They deserve the best care we can give them, particularly with this disease," said Clare Cameron, executive director of the nearby Pacific Heart, Lung and Blood Institute. "I think it is so important to take care of them now. They have earned that right."

Help With Petition Signatures

Cameron has been gathering petition signatures supporting efforts by the West Los Angeles VA and the Zumwalt family. She will present the petition early in 2014 to Robert Petzel, M.D., Under Secretary for Health for the U.S....
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