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Friday, October 3, 2014

Trenton NJ council approves sleeping employee’s $19K workers’ comp claim

Still frame from a video showing a Trenton city employee asleep in a running backhoe.Still frame from a video showing a Trenton city employee asleep in a running backhoe.
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TRENTON......City officials did not even question publicly the workers’ comp claim of an employee caught sleeping on camera while on the job.
Charles Nottingham, a Trenton Water Works employee caught earlier this year snoozing in a video posted to YouTube while operating a backhoe, received the unanimous blessing of council to receive a workers’ comp settlement of $19,000.
“The complaint arose from allegations made by the plaintiff of work related injuries as it purportedly relates to his employment,” the resolution states, adding it is in the best interest of the city to settle the 2012 case.
The video posted in March, which has since been removed, showed Nottingham sound asleep in a running backhoe with his hands clasped over his stomach at a work site.
After the video surfaced, city officials stated they were investigating the matter.
Citing it is a personnel matter, Michael Walker, a spokesman for the mayor’s office, declined comment this week about the workers’ comp claim.
Nottingham is still an employee with Trenton Water Works. He earned a salary of $57,213 last year, according to online records.
His claim is not the first from that department to garner attention.
In January,...
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