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Pandemic Preparedness Experts
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Tuesday, June 8, 2021

VA Podcast: Emerging from the Pandemic - New Guidelines are Out, Can We Trust Them?

Emerging from the Pandemic - New Guidelines are Out, Can We Trust Them? 

We have a great show for you today: Emerging from the Pandemic - New Guidelines are Out, Can We Trust Them? We’re so excited to talk with Dr. Michael Gelman, Dr. Joe Francis, Dr. Sophia Califano, & Dr. Gio Baracco about:

  • Variants and if the vaccine will protect against them.
  • If boosters are going to be required and when.
  • Vaccinating children under and over 12 and what school will look like this fall.
  • Guidelines and masking protocols for air travel, cruises, and grocery stores.
  • If we will return to pre-pandemic life.
Tuesday June 8th, 2021 

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