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Saturday, May 28, 2022

NJ Senate Confirms Judicial Nominations

On May 26, 2022, the NJ Senate has confirmed NJ DWC Chief Judge and Director Russell Wojtenko Jr. of West Windsor to be a Judge of the Superior Court for the term prescribed by law, ending seven years from the date of appointment.
Judge Russell Wojtenko Jr.
Notice of Intention 2/28/2022
Received and Referred to SJU 3/7/2022
Interviewed 5/19/2022
Reported from Committee 5/19/2022
Advise and Consent 5/26/2022

As the lead administrator for the NJ Division of Workers’ Compensation for approximately seven years, Judge Wojtenko instituted interrogatories in medical provider claims, set forth guidance for medical conditional payments, mandated electronic filing of initial pleadings, set forth guidance for accidental disability pensions and medical monitoring settlements and successfully guided the Division through the COVID-19 pandemic.

Tanya L. Phillips of Lambertville was also confirmed to be a Judge of the Division of Workers' Compensation for the term prescribed by law, ending three years from appointment.
Received and Referred to SJU 2/28/2022
Interviewed 5/19/2022
Reported from Committee 5/19/2022
Advise and Consent 5/26/2022

Governor Murphy
said, “The exemplary and highly qualified judges confirmed by the Senate will make significant contributions to our state’s judiciary, and I am especially proud that the majority of today's slate of 11 new judges are from diverse communities. Across the past four years, we have remained committed to ensuring vacancies in our courts are filled by highly qualified individuals who demonstrate unwavering integrity and a dedication to service, and who look like the residents of New Jersey that they are sworn to serve. I look forward to continuing to make progress on filling vacancies at the Superior Court, and I am hopeful that the 15 additional Superior Court nominations that I have made will move through the Senate swiftly.

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