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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Aviation Safety: F.A.A. Allows Use of Electronic Devices Throughout Flights

Finally, the US F.A.A. has taken a step forward in making the airplane flight experience a better one. For decades, passengers and crew have been battling flight attendants over turning off and stowing personal electronic devices (PED). With so many passengers and crew virtually attached to the Internet for  data, news and other media electronically, it was inevitable that PED use would be allowed on flights. Now the airlines will adjust its electronics to create a profit center for the sale of Internet and network access. The burden has also shifted to US airlines to commit to a testing program, and establish protocols for stowing devices. Today's post is shared from .  

The change will most likely take effect before the end of the year, the F.A.A. said. Rules for cellphone use are set by the Federal Communications Commission, and unlikely to change soon, because of the nature of the cellphone system.

The administrator of the F.A.A., Michael P. Huerta, said he expected that, with rare exceptions, airlines would allow the use of tablets, MP3 players and smartphones in “airplane mode,” with their cell network connections turned off. The airlines will have to conduct tests on their equipment and submit the results to the F.A.A. for approval, he said.

Soon after Mr. Huerta spoke, Delta and JetBlue announced that they would submit a plan for passengers to use electronics in flight.

The change would not be universal, Mr. Huerta said....
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