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Friday, August 26, 2022

Monkeypox in the Workplace

Monkeypox is not merely a sexual or geographic disease it is an infectious disease that can cause many workers to be exposed. It is a contagious disease that is transmitted by body contact. Infectious diseases are compensable under most workers’ compensation acts.

Some potential exposure could occur in the workplace through touching contaminated equipment or products. Healthcare workers including providers; housekeeping and/or maintenance staff and restaurant workers may be exposed. Anyone who comes into physical contact with a contagious worker or areas and products where the worker may have been.

Prevention includes personal protective equipment including gowns and gloves.

Returning guests Dr. Gio Baracco Lira, Chief of Staff for Hospital Epidemiology and Occupational Health at the Miami VA Health Care System and Senior Advisor for COVID to the Under Secretary for Health and Dr. Michael Gelman, Staff Physician, Infectious Diseases at the James J. Peters (Bronx) VA Medical Center recently spoke about the ongoing Monkeypox outbreak, including how it spreads, which groups are most at risk, how it’s prevented and treated, VA’s response, and vaccine distribution at VA.

Click here to watch the free webinar.

Monkeypox Case Count 16926 reported cases as of 8/26/2022
Source: US CDC

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