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Thursday, June 23, 2022

"Unmasking COVID" in 2022, Where Are We Now?

A panel of infectious disease experts and public health specialists of the Veterans Administration who have been involved in the national COVID response discuss strategies to contain the spread of the Omicron variant and stay safe.

Topics discussed:

  1. Community response to the Omicron variants
  2. The public's perception versus the actual risk of disease
  3. What workers, families, and patients should be doing
  4. What habits should we encourage to protect against reinfections, influenza, and colds
  5. What have we learned to be better prepared for future variants and infections

The Veterans Health Administration [VHA] has been at the forefront of prevention, treatment, and research in the occupational arena  This webinar helps clarify prevention and care strategies for the new Omicron variants and looks forward to the prevention of future transmission. Chad Kessler, MD moderates a discussion with Gio Baracco, M.D, Sophie G Califano MD/MPH,  Joe Francis, M.D., and Michael Gelman, MD, Ph.D.,  on how the Veterans Administration is at the forefront of prevention, treatment and research.

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Episode 220 35:42 min

Webinar Link Suggestions: Plague at the Golden GatePBS - American Experience S34 Ep4 1h 52m 39s

Recommended Citation: Gelman, Jon L.,  "Unmasking COVID" in 2022, Where Are We Now?, Workers' Compensation Blog, June 23, 2022),

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